Network for promoting the sustainable use of oilpalm wood for high value-added products.

Members of PalmwoodNet

  • Industry: Equipment manufucturers , wood processing industry (local)
  • Trade: Wholesalers, exporters, importers
  • Plantation sector
  • Engineering companies
  • Industry and government organizations
  • R+D-organizations

First Priority Target countries: Malaysia and Thailand

Areas of Concern

  • Areas of Concern

Targeted Products from Oilpalm Wood

(first phase until mid 2017)

  • Lumber dry (possibly molded)
  • Lumber in standard sizes, finger-jointed, molded
  • Glued products (beam type) in standard sizes
  • Cross laminated lumber (solid wood „plywood type panels“)
  • Kiln-dried sawn timber
  • One-layer, edge-glued panels for markets, panel cores 
  • Composite panels with oilpalm-core (oilpalm wood-back side)
  • Flash doors
  • Laminated flooring
  • Light weight furniture elements (boards)

Project Measures

The project objectives are to be achieved by the following project measures:

  • Analyze and assess the actual situation regarding ecological, economic and social effects of utilizing oilpalm wood, develop an overview on the availability of the resource and locations as a basis for a utilization strategy in Malaysia and Thailand
  • Analyze which product types and designs can be optimally produced with oilpalm wood
  • Develop marketable products for markets with existing or expected demand in the near future
  • Develop machines, tools, cutting materials and optimize manufacturing processes for utilizing oilpalm wood
  • Develop logistic concepts under consideration of resource and processing locations 
  • Develop comprehensive production systems for products made of oilpalm wood – from the raw material input to the dispatch of products
    • Develop technical-economic utilization models for assessing methods for oilpalm wood utilization (showing manufacturing cost, return on investment, payback period, risks, etc.)
    • Assess ecological aspects of oilpalm wood utilization for high value-added products by a preliminary environmental analysis and climate gas balance
    • Determine an accredited certification system for proving sustainability, Chain of Custody and legality of oilpalm wood products
    • Actively cooperate with Asian partners from the R+D sector, processing industry, associations, plantation business, NGOs  and RSPO
    • Promote the utilization of oilpalm wood (products / markets / technology / economy / ecology ) with local stakeholders and in international markets
    • Document properties and manufacturing processes of oilpalm wood in a manual/ website for knowhow transfer
    • Assess socio-economic project effects for the population in the resource countries

Project Breakdown in Sub-Projects

  1. Project management, international cooperation
  2. Analysis of actual situation, documentation of the existing knowledge on cultivation, harvest, properties, processing and utilization of oilpalm wood
  3. Products and markets
  4. Management of plantations, harvest, transport, protection of oilpalm trunks (incl. logistics)
  5. Machines and tools 
  6. Processes and plants/machines for utilizing / processing oilpalm wood
  7. Ecology / certification
  8. Economy
  9. Promotional activities for the utilization of oilpalm wood / knowhow transfer and training


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