Palmwood R+D

Palmwood R+D – the Company


Palmwood R+D
Engelbergerstr. 19
79106 Freiburg, Germany

Executive partners:

Prof. Dr. Dieter Fink
Prof. Dr. Arno Frühwald

The founders can look back on over 20 years of experience in the palmwood sector. They see promising ecological, social and economic advantages for a sustainable use of palm biomass - especially in the resource countries.

Company object:

R+D and engineering services for the utilization of palm wood and fibers.

  • oilpalms
  • coconutpalms
  • sugarpalms
  • nipapalms
  • datepalms

Objective of the Company

The objective of Palmwood R+D is to achieve an optimal and sustainable use of solid bio mass of unproductive palms (oilpalms, cocopalms, datepalms, etc.) for marketable products of high value-added.

This is of special significance as in the near future, tremendous quantities of oilpalm wood will be available from “unproductive” oilpalm plantations. The sustainable use of oilpalm wood for appropriate products has the potential to partly substitute “classic” timber species und thus reduce pressure on natural forests. Furthermore, the intelligent and ecological use of oilpalm wood can contribute to satisfy the increasing worldwide demand for the raw material wood. One of the key pre-requisites for using oilpalm wood for sustainable green products is the availability of appropriate knowhow and technologies as well as engineered products adapted to the properties of the raw material. 

To achieve this Objective, Palmwood R+D provides the required knowhow on palmwood utilization and supports companies to achieve a sustainable performance and international competitiveness in this sector.

Services Provided by Palmwood R+D

The Palmwood R+D service range covers the entire value chain from the plantation up the sales of the final product:

  • Analysis and assessment of material properties
  • Assessment of raw material availability
  • Harvest, storage, protection and logistics of palm trunks
  • Analysis and assessment of sales markets; development of marketing and sales systems for specific wooden products
  • Development and design of process technologies from the palm trunk to the finished product
  • Product design and product engineering based on the specific material, available processes and products properties / requirements
    • Solid wood products
    • Sandwich components
    • Reconstituted panels (MDF, OSB, etc.)
    • Laminated building components
    • Furniture elements
  • Design and engineering of production plants for the utilization of palmwood for all value-added stages
  • Feasibility studies on the utilization of palm biomass (incl. economic feasibility)
  • Financial evaluation / investment appraisal for companies and manufacturing plants, cost calculation of products and processes
  • Ecological assessment of products and processes / development of Chain of Custody systems
  • Assessment of energetic utilization of palm biomass
  • Training of staff and knowhow transfer in companies
  • Implementation of solutions together with the company staff


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