The international cooperation network „PalmwoodNet“ was founded.

The objective of the Cooperation Network “PalmwoodNet” is to develop and provide the know-how and technology necessary to manufacture products made of the trunks of oil palms (OPT/ Oil Palm Trunks). This is intended to increase the diffusion of such products while making best use of the available biogenic resources, and to reduce the environmental impact of the known, harmful effects, for instance the decay of OPT.

In addition, it is the objective of the Cooperation Network to create awareness of the benefits of products made of oil palm wood, as well as to counter the negative image of oil palm plantations. The economic purpose is to strengthen the market position of the participating companies and to open up new markets, especially in Asia. The Network is intended to initiate joint promotion activities (e.g. on trade fairs) and joint development activities.

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