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Kleben ist die am besten rationalisierbare Verbindungstechnik und deshalb ein weltweiter WacBonding is the most efficient assembly method and therefore a global growth market. The Jowat Group as family-owned enterprise is one of the top adhesive manufacturers around the world. Tradition and experience from almost 100 years of corporate development allow us to act as leading company in technologies and innovations, in numerous markets and application areas. This ranking as innovative leader is made possible by the commitment and competence of our employees, the adhesive experts who always find the perfect solution for our customers.

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More than 500 different Jowat adhesives, matched by the respective comprehensive service, provide optimised manufacturing processes for many products. They also allow the customer to profit from all advantages offered by the modern and highly diverse adhesive technologies for his specific needs.

Jowat SE operates on clearly defined markets, with more than 1000 employees and a global sales structure of 21 Jowat affiliates and six production sites on four continents. Among the major sectors are the woodworking industry and furniture manufacture, the paper and packaging industry, the graphic arts, the textile, automotive, and electrical industries.

The success story of bonding is developing rapidly. Jowat is ready to write new chapters of this success story together with you. Come and join us.

The Wood, Furniture and Construction sector is a globally growing market and a strategic target of Jowat SE.

Jowat is a comprehensive supplier of these markets, including many special applications, providing a wide range of adhesives combined with extensive technological expertise Adhesive manufacturers and processors have to respond to constantly renewed challenges based on the increasing demands of the wood and furniture industry concerning product reliability, process and occupational safety.

Manufacturing processes in the woodworking industry are increasingly automated and interlinked. This calls for adhesive technologies that are efficient, process reliable, flexible and durable. Additionally, workplaces as well as the end product are expected to meet stringent ecological standards. Equal in versatility and matching these high standards are the adhesive systems from Jowat. Their reliability for these applications has been proven for many decades.

Furniture, doors, floors

Kantenklebung, Profilummantelung, Flachkaschierung und Beschichtungen, Sandwichelementefertigung, 3D-FJowat adhesives with the most diverse product characteristics are used successfully for the standard applications of the wood and furniture industry: edgebanding, profile wrapping, flat lami- nation and coating, assembly of sandwich elements, manufac- ture of 3D furniture fronts by membrane pressing technology, postforming and worktop sealing, flooring (parquet and lami- nate), dowelling, frames and carcase bonding, and in the manu- facture of doors.

Wood processing industry and glulam

Only certified adhesives, another key product group in the Jowat portfolio, are used for the manufacture of solid wood for con- struction, glued laminated timber and cross-laminated timber. Solid wood bonding, manufacture of window frame scantlings and window frames, fingerjointing, edge bonded and multilayer panels, and assembly bonding, are further applications in the wood processing sector.

Upholstered furniture, mattresses

Manufacturers of upholstered furniture – requiring adhesives suitable for a high level of manual assembly and a wide variety of different materials – have been using Jowat adhesives for many years now, just like the mattress and foam converting in- dustry. Growing demands in the mattress industry on efficiency, health, comfort, and safety, have launched innovative develop- ments of our adhesives.

Building industry, construction, assembly

The adhesives used for window profile wrapping are faced by substantial challenges: durability of the end products, the grow- ing variety of substrates and decor materials, plus faster down- line processing. The manufacture of insulating compounds, stone- ware compacting, installing roof insulation materials, cladding elements, preassembled housing manufacture, and assembly bonding, are further applications in the building and construction industry.

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