The international cooperation network PalmwoodNet is an initiative of engineering and technology companies as well as R+D institutions from Europe, Malaysia and Thailand with the aim of developing marketable products from oil palm wood and suitable manufacturing processes and technologies under consideration of ecological and socio-economic effects. The network owners (Companies Jowat, Leitz, Minda, Möhringer and Palmwood R+D) are also closely cooperating within the framework of a funded project (public funding from BMZ (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung/ Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development).

The story behind this project idea is the increasing global palm oil demand. Of the over 20 million ha of oil palm plantations, almost 1 million ha are replanted annually, resulting in over 100 million m3 of trunks per year. To date this valuable resource has barely been utilized due to the specific properties of oil palm wood. However, wood shortages in a number of regions as well as growing demand for wood products and energy makes it all the more imperative to use this available resource. This would be of great environmental and socio-economic benefit.

The overall objective is the best possible use of timber from unproductive, overaged oil palms for high value-added products. The project is to set the ground for a sustainable and profitable use of oil palm wood taking into account technical, economic, ecologic and social aspects. This includes besides analyzing and transfer of know-how, the development of products and new production processes and tools as well as of utilization models and logistics concepts.

Conservation of resources and tropical forests, climate protection, generation of jobs and income in the resource countries and new market development are objectives pursued by PalmwoodNet. 


Project status

Successful trade fair appearance: PalmwoodNet at the Dubai WoodShow 2018

Status quo

Workshop to discuss the results of the first industrial trials in Malaysia

Status quo

MOU Signing Ceremony at MTIB (Malaysian Timber Industrial Board)

Status quo

Pictures of first sample products made of oil palm wood

Status quo

Industrial trials in Malaysia with local partners to produce oil palm timber for manufacturing of samples for high value-added products.

Status quo

MOU Signing Ceremony at Walailak University/ Thailand

Status quo

Network „Corporate Identity“, Logo and web design has been developed

Status quo

Palmwoodnet Live

PalmwoodNet News at Ligna 2017

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